DUI Charge Returns to Haunt Broward Circuit Judge

In Florida, a high-profile murder case has unexpectedly brought attention to the hazardous implications of drunk driving. It was recently reported that a man convicted of murder has contested the validity of the Broward Circuit Judge presiding over his trial due to the judge recently being arrested for her second DUI.

While it is yet to be determined whether the judge will or will not recuse herself from the case, the trial underlines the lasting impact of DUI on an individual’s professional life. Florida law is tough on those convicted of impaired driving, and even first-time offenders are subject to harsh penalties.

Jail time, license suspension, fines, community service and probation, are a few of the consequences for drunk driving imposed by the state of Florida and penalties become greater for repeat offenders. Beyond these surface penalties, the impacts of a DUI, as evidenced by the Broward Circuit Judge, can easily overflow into all aspects of your life.

Although the judge has not yet been convicted of a second drunk driving offense, the charges alone may have been enough to damage her professional repute. As stated by the attorney of the man convicted of murder, “The judge is no longer fair and impartial because of her arrest for a second DUI.”

The attorney went on to mention that the Circuit Judge is being prosecuted by the same state which prosecuted the convicted murderer. At this time, the Broward Circuit Judge is expected to decide within 30 days whether or not to preside over the trial.


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